The Highline – NYC: Our product is the important one you’ll never see!

The trees at the 10th Ave. Plaza are all in Tournesol Siteworks liners

When we were first contacted to assist with the liners for the Highline in New York, we knew immediately that it was going to be a big deal. For those not familiar with it, a stretch of abandoned elevated railroad track running through the meatpacking district in NYC was converted into an elevated park. You can find a variety of images here.  Very cool.  And, very newsworthy – it has gotten more hype and publicity than nearly any other project we’ve been associated with.  Too bad, then, that no one will ever see the product that we made for it!

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The project, led by architects Diller, Scofido + Renfro and landscape architect Field Operations, incorporated relatively shallow plantings throughout its length. When they got to the central plaza over 10th Ave., they needed larger plant material to provide a balance to the sunken theater area there.  That’s where we came in.

planting illustration from the drawings, showing FRP liner

If you’re working on an elevated planting, you have to have something to plant in.  They designed a custom planter liner made in FRP that was 89″L x 31″W  x 42″D. They made sure that these trees weren’t going to get root bound anytime soon!  Because the liners were supported on joists, we also had to reinforce the bottoms, as well as slope them toward the connecting drain.

Drop down about 6' and you'll find our product!

The final funding for the trees (and therefore the liners) didn’t come until the very end of the construction stage, so it was, of course, a hurry-up job with a critical drop-dead delivery date.  We worked closely with Field Operations and Kiska Construction to get the liners on site.

A peaceful moment - usually this is a bustling place!

If the units do the job that they were designed to do, no one will ever know that they are there!  While the custom site furnishings get all the attention, the place is what it is because of the trees.

Custom benches get all the attention

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