University Gateway Custom Planters, Los Angeles

When landscape architect Melendrez Assocs. was working on the planters for this student housing project on the Univ. of Southern California campus in Los Angeles, they had originally envisioned 24′ long, galvanized steel troughs.  While that may have seemed like an inexpensive solution, the custom fabricating cost, durability, and long-term maintenance made the planters relatively expensive.

Tournesol Siteworks was brought in to look at the job, and was able to provide a lower-cost, more reliable solution by creating custom fiberglass planters with an “unbuffed” aluminum finish. It looks and feels like metal, but doesn’t have the shine of the finished aluminum product.  More pictures after the break…

The project was installed by Fairco for Clark Construction.  We worked through the details with both contractors to keep the cost as low as possible, while still delivering product acceptable to the owner and the designer.

The 63  planters were manufactured to a custom size (approx. 8″L x 3’W x 24″H).  Tournesol Siteworks also provided our VertiGreen 3D trellis to for the parking structure portion of the project. I’ll highlight images of  that in another post.

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