Residential TerraScreen, Redwood City, CA

Corner-mounted TerraScreen interior living wall

A small residential installation of a TerraScreen interior living wall illustrates the flexibility of the system into nearly any application.  This unit, a TW-7049 panel, was cut in two and wrapped a corner of the dining room of this home. Pictures of how it was done after the break…

The homeowner wanted the unit to replace a large plant that was in the corner of their dining room with a living wall. However, there wasn’t room to put two panels, so one unit was simply cut, and mounted on either wall.  Each section is supported by two brackets, as shown in the image below.

The 4x6 panel was cut into two sections and wrapped the corner
Set-up before plant installation

The unit is hand watered by the homeowner (about once every week to 10 days), and features bromeliads for color and punch, pothos, aglaonemas, lipstick plants, as well as ferns.  The images were taken several weeks after installation, and show how full the wall is.

Bromeliads add color and interest

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