Procopio Rooftop Lounge Living Wall, San Diego, CA

TerraScreen living wall panels

The law firm of Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch recently put in a spectacular rooftop lounge above their offices in downtown San Diego.  Although open to the sky, it is walled in on 4 sides.  The designers, including  McCullough Landscape Architects,  approached Greenscaped Buildings about putting in a living wall on the side of the lounge overlooking the harbor (what a view!!).  More images after the break…

Assembling the TerraScreen panels & catch basin before installation (photo courtesy Greenscaped Buildings)

It was Jim Mumford that identified this installation as one that would be perfect for the TerraScreen product. Because the installation was high up a wall (10-20′ up), the entire installation had to be done on ladders. For that reason, it was easier for Greenscaped Buildings to pre-assemble the 4 panels that made up each section. The irrigation was connected, the panels were assembled, and the drainage trough was installed.

All work had to be done on tall ladders (photo courtesy Greenscaped Buildings)

The panels had to fit the area exactly, so Tournesol Siteworks pre-trimmed them to the correct size, and assembled a custom irrigation system, based upon the contractor’s specifications.

Each area is made up of 4 separate panels

The irrigation system is connected to a drip timer, which will be turned on once the wall has a chance to acclimate and some issues with the irrigation emitters are resolved (we’re still working with Greenscaped on that..).

A catch basin is placed below each wall

This is technically the very first exterior installation of a TerraScreen living wall, although because it is walled in on 4 sides with an open roof, it isn’t expected to catch any rainfall. The tropical climate in San Diego has made it possible to install typically interior foliage plants into the frame.

Although open to the sky, mostly interior-type tropical plants were used

2 thoughts on “Procopio Rooftop Lounge Living Wall, San Diego, CA”

  1. Looks amazing!

    Congratulations to all involved.

    Is the drainage trough something that is available from Tournesol, or was is custom fabricated?

  2. Steve –
    That is a standard trough, although we cut down the height slightly to make sure that it fit the location.

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