Living Wall in the Edible Garden, Atlanta Botanical Garden

ABG Living Wall, 4 weeks after installation

A few weeks ago we published a post, “First Look at the Atlanta Botanical Garden Living Wall”. Those images were taken just as the wall was being installed.   The entire area, the Edible Garden, is opening this coming Saturday, May 1st.  Here are several more images of the Tournesol VGM system  taken 4 weeks after installation (after the break).

As we mentioned in the previous post, the wall was designed by Mesa Design Group and AECOM, installed by Valleycrest, and grown in by our local partner Saul Nurseries.

View from the opposite direction

If you compare these images to those in the previous post, you may note that many of the plants have already grown in considerably in just a month.  The modules were grown for 2 months before installation in Saul Nurseries’ greenhouse.

In the image below you can see the irrigation detail on this wall. Each box is individually maintained with 4 irrigation emitters.  The main lateral is run horizontally along the top of each row of boxes.

Note 4 irrigation emitters along top of module

The boxwoods were introduced to the planting scheme relatively late in the process, and didn’t have as long to grow in as the other plants. With their tight growth pattern, they may take a little longer to fill in than the other plantings.

The boxwoods (towards the right of the image) are taking longer to grow in

The other plantings, however, are already covering the edges of the VGM modules.  We’ll look forward to showing you pictures of the wall once it has a chance to mature.  We’ll also do our best to find out from the maintenance staff how everything performs.

Growing in nicely...

Saul Nurseries worked together closely with the designers to settle on a plant pallet that would be easy to maintain, thrive in the Atlanta climate, and be a stunning visual statement.

The VGM edges will be covered soon!

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  1. Hello,
    I am currently working on a project in Northern California and looking into useing the Tournesol VGM product. I am wondering what the average planted weight per sq ft is for the project above. Also can you give me some more plant types that were used in the wall and which ones are out proforming others? How is the wall looking now? What soil profile is recommended for herds in ful sun?
    Thank you,
    KIm Gates

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