NoHo 14 Apartments, North Hollywood, CA

Urban Collection round US-2400, US-3600 and US-3000

Sometimes I think if you follow our blog you’d think that all we do is living wall systems.  Just to set the record straight, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  While living wall is a fast-emerging opportunity for us, our bread-and-butter business remains manufacturing pots, planters, and irrigation systems.  We try to post as many images from installed projects in this blog so that our customers have a chance to see what our products really look like in the field, and to get a sense of whether it will work for what they’re doing.  We also hope, just a little, that it will provide inspiration and ideas for designers looking for ways to make their urban environment greener. More info about NoHo 14 after the break.

The NoHo 14 Apartments are, logically enough, located in North Hollywood, CA. It is one of the few high-rise residential buildings in its area. They have great views, ultra-modern amenities, and a truly upscale look and feel to the public areas.  They turned to Brockington Interiors of Laguna Hills for the installation of containers in the common spaces. They picked a variety of sizes, shapes and collections from our fiberglass product line, and installed most of it with our container irrigation systems (CWM for the 36″ pots, CWC for the smaller ones).

Metro Collection MR-3600

You may notice that the containers in the image below appear to be different colors.  They are all our Pitch (black) base finish, and it points out the difference in textures.  The rectangular Metro Collection pots are finished in a T-1 texture, and the Urban Collection planter is T-0.  The T-1 texture tends to soften and matte the appearance of the container.

Metro Collection 601818 and Urban Collection US-2400
Metro Collection MR-3600

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