First Look, Atlanta Botanical Gardens Living Wall

Newly installed VGM system on radius wall

Thanks to our partner Saul Nurseries, who sent us these images of the VGM living wall being installed last week at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens by Valleycrest.  The wall is 52′ long x 8′ high, made up of 120 modules.  More images after the break…

The plants were started in January in Saul’s greenhouses, and the whole Edible Garden area isn’t due to open for another few months.  This will give the plants time to grow in further.

Installing the modules - notice modules in their framesets

This is the first major radius wall that we’ve worked on, and it seems to have gone in without any major issues.

Irrigation plumbing is run along the top of the modules

We’ll look forward to more feedback from both Valleycrest and the ABG as the wall continues to grow in.

The gray wall to the right will be a waterfall/fountain

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