Configuring space with plants – Henley Road Roofdeck, Queens, NY

Wilshire Collection Squares and Rectangles

Louis Fusco Landscape Architects pulled off an excellent example of configuring space using planters at this project in Queens, NY last year.  Using large (36″) and small (24″) Wilshire Collection squares and a series of 96″ long rectangles, they created rooms, sitting areas, and bench structures.  More after the break…

The feel of the renovation was definitely “cool modern”.  A thin layer of gray-blue pebble (attractive aesthetic, good coverage, won’t go anywhere, lightweight) covered the non-podium, non-public areas.  Weight was a key consideration, so lightweight FRP containers were used. The Wilshire Collection planters were finished in our pitch color and T-0 (smooth) finish to keep with the modern lines and minimalist feel.

Large planter/bench combination

A central focal point as you enter the patio is this planter/bench element, with 4 smaller planters at the corners and 4 larger planters in the center.

Bamboo lends itself to the minimalist, modern feel, yet provides the height to help visually separate the space.

Configuring open space using planters

There has been a definite trend from the “planter as decorative element” to the use of planters to define space.  Plants absorb sound, make for soft, living walls, and make what can be a somewhat sterile environment more natural.  Our wide range of rectangular planters has been used extensively by architects and designers, especially in open areas like this.  More examples to follow in later posts.

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