Terrace at 211 Main St., San Francisco

all images courtesy of Smith+Smith Landscape Architects

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a big-time corporate boardroom looked like?  I know I did.  It was fun for us to work on this relatively small terrace project for one of the financial service titans in San Francisco. They recently moved buildings, and found themselves with a boardroom looking over an undecorated rooftop.  The view was great, but the roof wasn’t.  They brought in landscape architects Smith+Smith in San Francisco to soften the view. 

Metro Collection rectangle MR-481818 in Aged Bronze

Smith+Smith suggested using Tournesol’s Metro Collection planters (24″ squares, 48″L x 18″W x 18″H rectangles in our Aged Bronze finish), along with a very creative plant selection, and large pebbles as mulch.  ValleyCrest was selected as the landscape contractor to install the high-profile project.  They suggested the use of  Tournesol’s CWM Modular container irrigation system.  You can just barely see the fill tubes sticking up out of the rocks – ValleyCrest did a nice job of installing the system.

The CWM fill tube can be seen at the front left of the container
Metro Collection planters with CWM Modular Container Irrigation

We recently had the opportunity to discuss the project with the maintenance contractor that took over the project from ValleyCrest after their initial maintenance period was up.  He was delighted to be using the CWM, and said the whole project was looking good.

The use of varying height containers allows for taller plantings at the pillars

While I didn’t get to visit the boardroom (or the CEO’s adjoining office), we did get a feel for the view in several of the images sent over by Smith+Smith.

"The view from the top"

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