VGM living wall going in at Mario Batali restaurant

courtesy of Greenscaped Buildings
We’re pleased to be working with Jim Mumford and  Greenscaped Buildings of San Diego on a new living wall to be installed at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza.  The restaurant, on Highland Ave. in Los Angeles, is installing an edible wall.  The finished wall will be 3 modules high x 6 modules wide, approx. 72 sq. ft. 
Greenscaped Buildings has issued a press release, and posted images of the initial planting of the modules to their blog here.  While I don’t watch the Food Channel, and therefore don’t see Mario Batali much, we’ve been told that the group has several locations across the country, and this is a trial run to find out how an edible wall performs.  The units are being planted now, and will be installed in about 6 weeks.
We’re looking forward to seeing the final results!

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