Bendigo Bank, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


I recently posted about our Smart Water Mark award in Australia, and thought it might be nice to show the work we’ve been doing Down Under.  Our distributor, Sid Dyer at A to Z Irrigation, has struck up a relationship with Zenith Interiors to provide our CWI container irrigation inserts for their feature planter boxes.  Because they are all on file cabinets, the combination of sub-irrigation and waterproofing made the product a natural.  To achieve the environmental GreenStar distinction in Australia, a commercial office space must have a certain number of plants per square foot of area (more specifically, a certain area of soil psf).  We’ve now worked with Zenith on a number of these types of projects.

Based on the water requirements of the Sanseveria plants used, they shouldn’t have to water these much more than once every 4-6 weeks!




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