666 5th Ave. Terrace, New York, NY – New images

A recent image showing grown-in plantings

 This terrace planting illustrates one of the great advantages of the Wilshire Box hanging planter system. Designed by Inter-Arch of New Jersey and installed by Fairway Landscape, this terrace can be found high above the NYC city streets.  The building had recently changed hands, and the building owners wanted to turn the terrace outside their offices into usable space.  The challenge on the roof was one of load- simply setting planters with 24″ of soil depth would overload the roof and deck system. Inter-Arch solved the problem by hanging Wilshire Boxes around the entire parapet wall of the building, using green roof trays with only 4″ of soil interspersed among the pavers to add green.  

Using wall-mounted boxes the designer could still get the robust foliage and root space they wanted, but not have to spend additional amounts to shore up the underlying roof structure.  They used Tournesol’s WB-1824 series, 18″w x 24″h to achieve maximum planting space, and the Autofill irrigation system along the entire run.  Although there were several issues at startup, Fairway, Tournesol and the general contractor worked closely together to make sure that the owner was satisfied with the project. 

Another recent image provided by Fairway Landscape
666 5th clean

early in the project, the green roof trays hadn't grown in yet
early in the project, the green roof trays hadn’t grown in yet




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