Tournesol Siteworks
Wilshire Box Hanging Planters - More Information


  • FRP fiberglass material, typically 1/8" - 3/16" wall thickness, with additional wall support for larger square and rectangular shapes.
  • FRP planters may be finished with standard or Metal-matched-pain (MMP) acrylic enamel finishes, or Metal-infused gelcoat.  Any FRP finish may be delivered in T-0 (smooth), T-1 or T-2 textures. Rough textures provide better surface durability for heavy-traffic locations
  • Hanging brackets are manufactured in steel with a stainless steel mounting stud. The brackets are primed with an epoxy-rich primer, then powder-coated with polyester based paint. Standard color is black, matching colors at an upcharge.



  • All Tournesol Siteworks collections are designed to be direct planted in exterior applications. Pots are intended to be used with planting media weighing no more than 100 lbs/cu ft. For heavier soils, additional reinforcement may be required.
  • Tournesol Siteworks planters are not typically delievered with drainage holes, unless ordered as such. It allows the contractor to locate the hole in the field at the most advantageous location. There is no cost for adding drainage holes to any planter order.
  • Each planter is waterproofed for planter applications. To use containers as fountains or water features, please specify such at time of order.



  • Wilshire Boxes are typically finished to order. Allow 15-25 days for small orders, 4-6 weeks for larger projects.


Other Information

  • Wilshire Collection planters, recyclers, ash & trash containers are also available to match in both FRP and GFRC to match these Wilshire Box hanging planters.
  • All Tournesol Siteworks pots & planters are available with our industry-leading container irrigation self-watering systems.