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VGM3 Living Wall - More Information

VGM3 6" Planting Module


  • Planting Modules - 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material. Each module is delivered with a soil retention bag made of non-woven landscape fabric.
  • Brackets are 304 Stainless Steel, powder-coated black.
  • Rails are fabricated in 304 Stainless Steel and delivered uncoated, unless specfied otherwise.
  • Optional VGM media block manufactured in polymer-stabilized organic soil media.


VGM3 Planting Module

  • Overall dimensions 19-5/8"W x 22"H
  • Available in 6" (4" soil profile, .85 cu ft) and 10" (8" soil profile, 1.63 cu ft) depths
  • Each module is delivered flat, with black, non-woven soil retention bag.
  • Module will accomodate 16 small plants

VGM3 Brackets & Rails

  • 4 brackets required per module (2 "left" and 2 "right")
  • Designed for use with VGM3 rail system. Easily and quickly assembled to module once grow-in is complete.
  • Rails are available for one, two, and three modules (23-5/8" up to 70-7/8"L).  Each rail can support one or two boxes set next to one another.

VGM3 Anti-Lift Arm

  • The VGM3 anti-lift arm, made of 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene, is slipped into one of the 4 bracket attachment points. It prevents the module from being removed, or from shaking loose in a seismic or weather event. Available for both VGM3-06 and VGM3-10 systems.

VGM3 Media Block

  • Engineered to be the perfect complement to the VGM module. 
  • Organic base material is stabilized into a sponge-like block that fits perfectly in the VGM module.
  • Requires no media bag, contains no friable material that will fall out of the wall.
  • Absorbs up to five times its weight in water, but only weighs 40 lbs/pcf.
  • Facilitates even irrigation, faster grow in and optimal plant health.


  • VGM products are typically carried in stock, and smaller orders can be turned around in 3-5 days. Larger orders may require 6-8 weeks for production.


 Other Information

  • VGM living wall modules are shipped flat, for assembly at the nursery. 
  • Modules are typically filled with VGM media block or inorganic soil media when vertical, then planted on their backs.
  • Each planting window has additional soil retention straps. Should 4" or larger plants be used, the retention straps will need to be trimmed away.
  • The VGM3 system has been tested for wind loads to 68mph.