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VertiGreen 3D Modular Trellis - Technical Information

Specifying the VertiGreen® 3D Trellis

Installation –  Wall mount brackets are fixed-length, and will hold the back of the panel close, 3”, 6”, 9”, 12” or 18” from the wall. The post bracket for freestanding installations is designed for a 3” round or square post. All brackets are powder coated the same color as the panel, and may be used with any grid spacing. Brackets mounted to uneven surfaces (stucco, concrete, masonry) should use the included plastic mounting pad. Bracket anchors should withstand a minimum of 500 lbs. pull-out force, although the weight of the trellis is less than 100 lbs. 

Living Walls - Use the VertiGreen together with VGM living wall modules to create a lush living wall at a lower cost per square foot. Start the vines and plants in a module, then allow them to grow onto adjacent VertiGreen panels.  Coverage is fast, complete, and can cost up to 50-75% less than using a living wall on its own. Plant Coverage and the VertiGreen Trellis

Panel Grid Size – While grid spacing is partially a matter of decorative preference, more dense, fuller-growing vines are better suited to open grid spacing, while slower-growing, less aggressive species are adapter to smaller spacing.  Because of the panel strength required, the wire gets thicker as the grid spacing grows; 11 ga. for 3” spacing and 3/16” for 6” spacing. 


Plant Coverage and the VertiGreen Trellis

A common concern with any trellis system is coverage – how long, and how complete?   A few tips:

  • Roots -  The plant won’t grow larger than the root structure will support.  Allow for more root mass to get more coverage. Growth in compacted ground (i.e., under a sidewalk) will be minimal.
  • Care -  A well irrigated, properly maintained plant will grow larger, faster
  • Selection - The climate conditions on vertical surfaces are frequently harsh, so hardy species need to be selected. 
  •  Direction -  Plants can grow down as well as up, so a planter over the trellis may speed coverage.