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VertiGreen Hybrid Trellis - Technical Information

Specifying VertiGreen® Hybrid 3-Trellis Living Wall

Brackets and Hanging Systems: The Tournesol VGM module is held in place by 8x1” removable set screws, mounting into the side of the box. The trellis will extend a minimum of either 6” or 12” from the wall it’s mounted on, depending upon the depth of the module selected.  Each bracket requires a ¼” bolt. Each mounting point should be capable of supporting 100 lbs. The depth and type of anchor will depend upon the wall, and should be selected in consultation with a structural engineer. Post mounted systems will use self-tapping stainless screws on each post bracket. Post embed should be determined by an engineer, using maximum weight calculation of 400 lbs. per panel. 

Soil: Tournesol Siteworks recommends a lightweight, highly inorganic media, similar to those used in greenroof applications. Indeally organic components should comprise no more than 10% of the mix by volume, the the media should achieve a saturated weight of no more than 50 lbs. per cubic foot. Typical inorganic components will include expanded slate, shale, pumice, perlite, or vermiculite.

Plants: Consult with a local horticulturalist when picking plants for a wall. The VertiGreen Hybrid trellis works best with typical vines and climbers.  Consideration should be given to the general horticultural conditions (the zone), the micro-conditions of the installation (temperature, sun exposure, wind), desired maintenance schedule and the overall look of the wall.  For optimal results plants should be grown in for 1-3 months and trained onto the trellis panel prior to installation. Field experience dictates that larger plants (3”-4” pots or 1 qt) planted one per module window grow in faster and make for a fuller installation.

The VertiGreen® Hybrid irrigation system is designed to make installation fast, easy, and simple. It consists of an irrigation lateral pre-mounted to the trellis panel, which can be plugged to the adjacent panel in the field once the panels are hung. Two drip irrigation emitters feed 1GPH to each Tournesol VGM module. The overall system will require a timer, pressure reducer, filter, fertilizer injection system, and will typically be fed by a main line running along the bottom or side of the panels. Tournesol Siteworks can provide help with the details, although it is recommended that an irrigation professional review designs to ensure compatability with location and code requirements.

Maintenance: Any local contractor can install and maintain the VertiGreen Hybrid trellis. The underlying structure and irrigation should be visually inspected yearly, and the plants, depending upon their selection, may require pruning, weeding, or other horticultural requirements. While regular irrigation maintenance shouldn’t be required, a close eye on the performance of the irrigation will aid in the wall’s long-term success. The module can be removed from the trellis for maintenance or replacement, or the entire panel may be removed from the wall.