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VertiGreen Hybrid Trellis - More Information


  VertiGreen Trellis & Brackets

  • VertiGreen trellis is manufactured in 100% recycled steel wire. The Hybrid trellis uses a standard 6" grid spacing, and 3/16" wire.
  • The trellis panel is welded, then zinc placted, coated with a zinc-rich epoxy primer and polyester-base powder-coated.  The VertiGreen Hybrid trellis is designed  to withstand salt spray conditions for 2000 hours prior to rusting.
  • Edge trim and connecting plates welded to the panels are made in 20ga. steel.
  • All mounting brackets are manufactured in 10ga. galvanized steel, primed and polyester-base powder coated.

VGM Planting Module

  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material. Each module is delivered with a soil retention bag made of non-woven landscape fabric.


  • The VertiGreen Hybrid will typically be hung on a wall or between posts.  The minimum distance from the back of the panel to the wall is 3" (when using the VGM3-06 module) or 9" (when using the VGM3-10 module).  
  • The VertiGreen trellis may be held between posts to create a green fence. The VGM3 module can be planted on both sides. Care should be taken that the sun exposure on each side of the trellis will not be the same. Eight post brackets are typically required per panel, and are designed to be used with 3" posts.
  • Split-trim and continuous edge trim is frequently used at the outer edge of a trellis area.



  • Limited quantities of VertiGreen Hybrid panels are carried in inventory. They can be used with either the VGM3-06 or VGM3-10 module.  All 1-2 weeks from order to time of shipping. Larger orders will typically take 6-8 weeks from order to time of shipping.

 Other Information

  • The flexible nature of the entire VertiGreen system makes the combination of VGM wall, VertiGreen Hybrid trellises and VertiGreen 3D trellises possible. Because the cost basis for each is dramatically different (as is what type of planting can be achieved), a match between the customers's desired budget and potential system can be made.