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VersiPave - More Information


  • 100% post consumer recycled polypropylene material



  • VersiPave paver supports allow the easy placement of pavers on roofs, plaza decks, podium platforms, balconies, or anywhere that well drained, level paver surfaces are required
  • The supports are used as a fast, easy, lightweight replacement for sand, aggregate or mortar bedding
  • Each pad individually adjusts, allowing fast installation of pavers with varying thicknesses



  • VersiPave supports are shipped from inventory 3-5 days from time of order. Larger quantities may take up to 4-6 weeks.


Other Information

  • VersiPave supports will not rot, retain water or promote bacteria growth.
  • Designed for commercial installations, each support will support more than 4000lbs.
  • They can be divided into halvesor quarters for use along walls or in corners.