Tournesol Siteworks
TerraScreen - Technical Information

Specifying TerraScreen®

Mounting & Installation Information:  The TerraScreen® is mounted to a wall or frame with four simple brackets. While the TerraScreen® stands less than 5” from the wall, with plants it will extend 15”. Anchors and  ¼” mounting bolts are not included. Each anchor will need to support 50lbs.  The wall behind a TerraScreen® should be waterproofed and painted black to help hide gaps between plants. We also recommend use of a catch basin below the system, especially for interior applications. When hanging multiple TerraScreen® panels, the spacing of the cachepots may need to be adjusted to maintain consistency. Signage can be incorporated into the TerraScreen® with hooks or more permanent bolts and nuts.

TerraScreen Stands: Tournesol Siteworks has created stands to enable the use of interior living walls nearly anywhere. The stands are available in one-sided or two-sided configurations (the double-sided stand requires two panels). The 70” panel can be lifted either 6” or 12” from the floor, creating a wall 76” or 82” high. 49” panels will hang approximately 27”-33” from the floor. The stands can be outfitted with casters so that they can easily be moved, either for temporary installations or as a movable screen.

Plants: The TerraScreen® system uses a cachepot that is 6.5”dia x 6.25”H, which will fit most 6” and 1-gal plants. A foliage canopy of 14”-16” for each plant is recommended for good coverage of the frame. The plants, in their nursery pots, are slid into the cachepot.  Replacement may be done as easily, by pulling the plant and nursery pot out of the cachepot.  Plants may also be rotated, as needed.  After some time, especially in exterior conditions, the plants will become rootbound, and may see a decline in their health. 

Irrigation: The irrigation system on a TerraScreen® panel can be filled with a hose, pressurized water tank, or directly from a plumbed irrigation line. The connection for a water tank is a male garden hose thread, which may be changed to a female thread for a standard garden hose.  The automatic connection is a ½” ID/3/4” OD braided PVC hose.  The system uses 2 GPH pressure-compensating multi-port drip emitters, which deliver ½ cup of water per minute to the cachepots. The grower pots frequently do not reach down to the cachepot water line, so a set of felt wicks are delivered with each panel.  The felt wick is pushed through a hole in the bottom of the nursery pot, and faced forward in the cachepot. 

Exterior use: 

TerraScreen®, while originally designed for the interior, can be used for an exterior intimate greenwall.  The components will hold up as well outdoors as in. Two issues should be considered when using the wall outdoors.  The plants will have relatively little insulation, so a hard frost may damage the root system. For climates with anything except mild winters, an exterior TerraScreen® may need to be taken out of service for part of the year.  Also, the cachepots are typically delivered without holes.