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Thermoplastic Planter Liners - Technical Information

Planter Liner Materials and Application Guide

Heavy-duty ABS - General duty standard and custom liners for most small and medium size applications. Widest range of standard sizes, up to 72"l x 36"W x 17"D. Unibody construction. Typically has 1"-3" flat flange around edge. Wall thickness typically .125-.250, depending on size and depth. Standard color is black. Painting and UV protection recommended for direct sun exposed exterior applications.

Stress-Relieved Polypropylene - Unique sizes, shapes and configurations in small quantities where tooling costs outstripe value of liner. Unique no longer has to mean outrageously expensive. No tooling, mold or engineering costs.Not typically fabricated with flange or lip, unless required.  Leakproof welded construction of .250" stress-relieved polypropylene sheet. Double-welded seams. Drainage typically installed in field.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene -  Used for custom large liners, and for large quantities. Makes exceptionally durable, long-term liners. Can also be used to create custom decorative planters, lightweight structural elements. Made with 1"-2" return flange to control edge stability. Not typically decorative. Unibody construction. Sizes up to 120"l x 48"W x 48"D. PE Liners finished to utility grade in black or gray. Not designed for decorative use. Factory design support strongly recommended.

FRP Fiberglass - For curved planter liners, extremely large planters, or where the other materials won't work. Unibody spray-up construction for most applications. Gel coating to waterproof finish. All fiberglass requires tooling, may be more expensive than other liner solutions.


Drainage Adapter

Installed in the field by contractor. Double-gaskets for reliability. Cover with drainage fabric to retain soil/gravel and to keep out roots. Available standard in _" and _" thread x thread configurations, and special order in larger sizes.




 Standard ABS Liner Sizes

"XX" indicates nominal length of liner. i.e. 72" PL4-XX2517 = PL4-722517 All dimensions subject to ±1/4" tolerance.