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GRT3 Modular Green Roof Tray - More Information


  • GRT3 green roof trays (available in 24"x24"x4" size) are manufactured in durable high density Polyethylene in a rotational molding process. Because of the process and volume, we are able to offer these trays at a substantially lower price than other processes.
  • GRT2 green roof trays (available in 24"x24"x8", 48"x24"x 4" and 48"x24"x8" sizes) are manufactured in durable high density Polyethylene in a thermoforming process.
  • Each tray includes root control fabric for the bottom. Made of high-quality non-woven landscape fabric, it will allow drainage water out, but keep roots in.



  • Modular green roof systems are especially good for retrofits on existing membrane systems, or for smaller green roof applications.
  • Simply set the trays next to one another on the roof, either pre-filled with soil and plants, or fill and plant in place. The handholds on the side of the tray make them easier to move around, and the lack of a lip helps hide the seams.
  • The drainage holes on Tournesol Siteworks' green roof trays are 3/8" raised from the bottom of the tray. This provides an efficient water storage layer to slow roof runoff, and provides a reservoir for plants to use between rains or irrigation.



  • GRT3 trays are available in limited quantities from inventory (we typically have 750-1250 on hand at any time).  Please check with your Tournesol Siteworks salesperson, as this may vary depending upon the projects going in.
  • GRT2 trays (in the sizes mentioned above) are typically made to order from material stored on hand.  Lead time ranges from 3-4 weeks for small orders to 8-10 weeks for large orders.


Other Information

  • Many providers of modular green roof systems insist upon providing the entire package - tray, plants, soil, etc.  Tournesol Siteworks believes in local value - that is, we don't add value by marking up soil, plants, growing, etc. We are pleased to provide a superior quality tray (our edges won't crack!), and allow the installing contractor to purchase the soil & plants from their preferred grower.
  • Ask us if you have general questions about greenroof components and installation. We're happy to give you the information you need to make your next green roof succeed!