Tournesol Siteworks
VGM3 Modular Living Wall - Additional Specification Information

Specifying VGM3:

Soil: Tournesol Siteworks recommends either its VGM3 stabilized media block or a lightweight, highly inorganic planting media, similar to those used in greenroof applications. The media block will weigh 40 lbs/pcf, other media should achieve a saturated weight of no more than 50 lbs./cu. foot. Typical inorganic components will include expanded slate or shale, pumice, perlite, or vermiculite.

Irrigation: Automatic irrigation with integrated fertilization is absolutely critical. Irrigation is typically handled by a local contractor, using conventional drip components. Tournesol Siteworks works with leading irrigation sensing manufacturers to provide custom-designed systems, including remote monitoring capabilities as required.

Plants: Consult with a local horticulturalist when picking plants for a wall. Consideration should be given to the general horticultural conditions (the zone), the micro-conditions or the installation (temperature, sun, exposure, wind), desired maintenance schedule, soil profile and the desired look of the wall. Tournesol Siteworks can provide  horticultural design assistance, should this be required.

Layout: The Tournesol VGM module is supported by 4 stainless steel corner brackets. The corner brackets slot into a rail, attached individually to the wall. Typical wall loads should not exceed 125lbs. per anchor. The wall the system is mounted to should be waterproof, although there is 2-3/8" of free air circulation between the back of the soil mass and the wall.

Maintenance: The Tournesol VGM system is designed so that any local contractor can install and maintain it. The underlying wall structure and irrigation system should be inspected yearly, and the plants, depending upon their selection, may require pruning, weeding, and other standard horticultural maintenance tasks. While regular irrigation maintenance shouldn't be required, a close eye on the performance of the irrigation systems will aid in long-term success.

Seismic Conditions/Vandalism Protection: Tournesol VGM is available with a anti-lift arm, which can be snapped into one of the mounting slots after the module has been hung.  This will prevent the removal of the module by those not aware of its existance, and will prevent shaking or blowing from the mounting rails.

High-Wind Conditions: The Tournesol VGM is the only living wall system that has been wind tested and certified in wind conditions up to 68mph.  For potential high-wind conditions, we recommend our stabilized media block, which contains no friable materials that may be blown out of the module.