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VersiCell Drainage Panels - More Information


  • VersiCell drainage panels are manufactured in 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene, and support green label and LEED certification.
  • VersiCell is unaffected by mold and algae, and has good resistance to alkali and bitumen materials.



  • VersiCell provides superior sub-surface drainage performance, when compared to gravel, drainage rock, and nearly any other purpose made drainage mat or fabric.
  • Panels may be interlocked, using tabs built on each side, in a single plane to form continuous large panels.  They may also be connected at right angles to form conduits or tanks.
  • Panels may be easily and quickly pre-assembled into larger or longer panels for rapid installation, minimizing on-site disruption.
  • The open surface design (62% void) and high internal void volume (95%) facilitate efficient drainage, protecting membranes and preventing pooling.
  • Durable material protects better than other drainage mats and fabrics.



  • Tournesol Siteworks stocks large quantities of both the thicker (1.18”) and thinner (.75”) panels for most applications.  Check with your salesperson for current availability.
  • Lead time for larger orders may be up to 8-10 weeks.


Other Information

  • VersiCell is one of the most widely-used drainage panels internationally, with millions of square feet installed throughout Asia, the Middle East, Australia and now the U.S.
  • Ask us if you have general questions about sub-surface drainage, greenroof components, or installation. We're happy to give you the information you need to make your next project succeed!