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CWM Modular Container Irrigation - More Information


  • Rotationally molded linear low density polyethylene modules
  • Braided PVC connector tubing
  • Acetal quick-snap clamps
  • ABS fill pipes



  • CWM Modular solo modules are designed to be used by themselves, not connected to other modules. Each solo module has both a sensor and fill tube, and is extremely simple to assemble and install.
  • CWM Modular systems can be used with 2-5 modules connected in multiple configurations (see technical information page for details).  One module will have the fill tube, a separate module will have the moisture sensor.  Additional modules (referred to as secondary modules) have neither.



  • CWM Modules are assembled upon order from inventoried parts. Small orders typically ship in 3-5 days from receipt of order. Larger orders typically ship in 2-3 weeks, unless quoted otherwise.


Other Information

  • CWM Modules should be used in waterproofed containers.
  • See recommended soil specficiations in the technical information section.
  • The fill tube of a CWM module will typically be the only element seen within the container. It will protrude approx. 2-3" above the soil level.
  • Tournesol Siteworks can assist with the layout of CWM Modular container irrigation in small beds and large planters. Please speak with your salesperson for details.