Tournesol Siteworks
Hammered arts & crafts style finish - Round - Square - Rectangle
Kalypso Collection has a pronounced rounded rim and elegant curves- Rounds Only
Modern shape with top reveal - Rounds, Squares & Rectangles
A new modern classic - Rounds, Squares & Rectangles
Traditional water-jar shapes - Rounds Only
Mixed Media Planters with Boulevard Thermally-Modified Wood and Stainless steel, Weathering steel,...
Sleek, tapered and sophisticated - Rounds, Squares and Rectangles
Elegant, low bowl planter - Rounds Only
Geometric Pots from our partners at Luxxbox
Simple, classic cylinders & cubes - Rounds, Squares & Tall Pots
Tapered Pots with a distinctive curve - Rounds, Low Bowls, Squares & Rectangles
An elegant, low bowl with a stream-lined, low profile, Rounds Only
Modern tapers at their best - Round, Squares, Rectangles & Tall Pots
A classic low bowl - Rounds Only
Zena Collection planters have a pronounced, highly-tapered design - Rounds Only
Rounded, scroll-top lightweight pots