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Our Design Partners

We've never believed that one company had the best answer for anything. By expanding our network and working with ambitious partners, we can deliver more value to our customers.


Elmich Pte - Singapore

Elmich is a Singapore-based manufacturer of landscape products for commercial structures. The original developer of the VGM living wall, we work closely with them, importing some parts and manufacturing others in the U.S. We recently began working with their market-leading deck & paver pedestal solutions.  They are an extremely innovative company, continually looking for ways to improve on solutions for the commercial landscape market.


Street & Garden Furniture - Brisbane, Australia

Street & Garden Furniture is one of Australia's premier manufacturers of site furnishings. With a stable of rising designers, they have changed the way that Australian architects, landscape architects and owners think about site furnishings.Tournesol Siteworks is proud to manufacture and exclusively represent Street & Garden Furniture in North America.


 Luxxbox - Brisbane, Australia

Luxxbox’s designs are a visual display of strength in form, with decorative illumination and lifestyle/furniture products that explore negative space, with industrial finishes his class of choice. The use of unconventional materials, colours and local production techniques pushes boundaries to make a statement in style.